Drew Conley Web Development Portfolio

Drew Conley

Me in a few seconds:

  • Over 10 years of professional web development experience.
  • Specializes in Front End, but enjoys being full stack.
  • Thrives on collaboration with cross functional teammates.
  • Always game to grab coffee and talk about building things on the web.

Brands I've worked with

World Wide Technology
Famous Footwear
Sam Edelman

My Proudest Projects

Bright Health Group 2021 - Present

Care Team Portal

Expediting the delivery of health care

I worked on an agile team of four full stack software engineers to create and maintain the Care Team Portal, Bright Health's offering for health care professionals. Facilities and Specialists used our Portal to create Prior Authorizations for Bright Health members across the United States. Our Portal enabled doctors to gain immediate insurance approval for providing care through our automated logic flows and easy-to-use interface. It was a big upgrade for the providers, as they previously used fax machines to communicate with insurance companies (which is still very common in 2023, believe it or not!)

Health insurance in the United States is complicated. Our team managed complex and ever-evolving business rules to maintain compliance in all states where Bright Health operated. We learned many lessons in handling janky data, maintaining test cases for intricate flows of our application, and finding the balance between designing for newcomers and power users.

Tech wise, we built the portal with full stack JavaScript (TypeScript, really). The Portal front end was built with React/NextJS, Recoil, and automated Playwright browser tests. Our front end talked to an Express API that integrated with multiple authentication strategies and Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Logic Apps, and Sharepoint.

Learn more about Bright Health Group
Experienced Based Commerce at Caleres

Caleres, Inc. 2018-2021

Experienced Based Commerce

Replatforming 13 enterprise eCommerce sites at the same time...

Caleres set out to embrace Digital acceleration by modernizing its eCommerce platform. Previously, Caleres eCommerce sites (Famous Footwear, Naturalizer, Sam Edelman, and more) were hosted on a legacy platform that was inflexible for marketers to update website content, product descriptions, or user journeys.

I helped lead a cross functional agile team in a massive effort to replatform Caleres's 13 eCommerce websites to Sitecore Experience Accelerator, an enterprise level commerce and content management solution.

We utilized Knockout JS, SCSS, Figma, C#, and Node JS to extend our Sitecore implementation with new features, components, and customizations. In addition, we created a flexible Design System so each brand could have its own aesthetic while inheriting feature functionality from the platform.

Caleres's new platform and website experiences, focused on personalization and world class story telling, has increased conversion, time on site, and overall customer purchase satisfaction since launching in 2021.

Visit some of the live sites:

Sam Edelman Famous Footwear Naturalizer All Caleres brands
Danger Crew screenshots


Danger Crew

Shipping a commercial game to Steam using JavaScript.

Danger Crew is a full length single player RPG following a day in the life as a programmer. Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (React, Redux), and Electron, Danger Crew is an homage to my favorite turn based RPGs.

The project started as a web based prototype in attempt to quickly create a demo of characters walking and battling in an overworld setting, just like the classic Game Boy games I grew up playing. As Danger Crew grew, my project partners and I realized that sticking to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript was a surprisingly viable and rewarding option for shipping the final product.

Danger Crew shipped to Steam and Itch in May 2019. The greatest lesson I learned from Danger Crew is that game development and web development may seem like different worlds, but they are actually more alike than not. Anybody with a little programming knowledge can get started with gamedev today using the skills they already have.

Danger Crew's website Listen to the Syntax podcast episode
Richard Petty Motorsports dashboard

World Wide Technology, 2018

Richard Petty Motorsports

NASCAR teams make decisions fast.

I worked as a front end developer on a small agile team to produce a realtime race app for Richard Petty Motorsports, a professional NASCAR team.

The app dashboard visualizes critical race data so the pit crew can make informed decisions in the heat of the moment. For example, the app's screen clearly indicates lap time, wear/tear, opponent maintenance decisions, and other factors that improve the crew's ability to strategically place pitting stops.

We utilized React, Redux, Web Sockets, and a .net Core API to consume multiple realtime race event feeds. NASCAR events typically occur every weekend during the race season, so our team took advantage of a tight weekly iteration loop. We'd gather feedback from our NASCAR team after every event, then spend the week adding and improving features for the next race. By the end of the season, our team's driver was consistently finishing higher in final race placements.

World Wide Technology and RPM
Famous Footwear mobile website

Caleres, 2016

Famous Footwear Mobile Web Redesign

Reimagining big eCommerce for the mobile consumer

Throughout the early 2010s, Famous Footwear's mobile traffic was quickly overcoming desktop. Famous's existing mobile website was an okay early iteration of a dedicated mobile experience, but it was slow and a little awkward to use. Our design and development team at Caleres was eager to rehaul it from the ground up.

I worked as a front end developer on an agile team to reimagine Famous Footwear's mobile site. We utilized React, Redux, SCSS, .net MVC, and server rendering to produce a new experience tightly optimized for mobile devices. Our design was focused on providing the end users a seamless way of navigating thousands of products from hundreds of brands and styles while easily traversing the shopping experience.

Famous Footwear saw a revenue increase of 196.63% over the previous year with a 108% conversion increase after launching the new mobile experience.